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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you accept a quote, our expert team will assist you with all the details to get your new policy established. 

On average, the waiting period for a standard life insurance policy is 4-6 weeks, although it can sometimes take longer.

No catch! When you purchase an accelerated life insurance policy, there’s no waiting period before you’re covered.

The average monthly cost of life insurance is approximately $20-30. 

You can complete our quick and easy application in just minutes!

A million dollar life insurance policy means greater financial security for your loves ones. The policy can cover outstanding debts and final expenses as well as longer term-living expenses and college tuition. You can choose for your beneficiaries to receive a lump sum or installments. 

The type of life insurance and the amount of coverage you select will determine whether or not medical tests will be required. In some cases, you may only be asked to answer questions about your health.


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